Franchising retail butcher shop - The company will expand its business through franchising business format. With franchising of business, Gaja Meat as headquarter will provide the company's supplier network, management knowledge, marketing skills and sales system granting the franchisee the right to operate its replicated business under the same trade name.

Gaja Meat will undertake Franchise business format. The company has established the terms and conditions of the franchise agreement. Each franchise will pay an initial investment for the licensed right to operate under the Gaja Meat's brand name and be provided with trainings and ongoing supports by the company. This franchising will be protected by a Franchise Agreement that provides exclusive territory for a set period of time on a renewable basis.

Franchise Agreement

The franchise agreement is crucial documents for franchising business, and it sets both parties rights and obligation when operating its business. Gaja Meat will constantly work on the agreement through legal advice and set out future fees structure such as franchise fees and marketing levis.

Franchisee Requirements

          Opening Procedures

          1. Inquriy : 0430 093 697 

          2. Franchise Consultation

          3.  Marketing area Analysis

          4. Training

          5. Interior

          6. Construction

          7. Opening Store

          8. On-going Supervising


1. Joining Fee: $25,000

          2. Training Cost: $5,000

          3. Interior: $1,000/per SQM + GST

          4. Facilities, installation Fee:  Depends


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